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Accidental Gunshots

At Jane Gordon Law, I understand the sensitive nature of accidental gunshot injury cases and the unique legal challenges they present. I am committed to advocating for your rights and seeking the compensation you deserve. With my experience in personal injury law, I will guide you through the legal process, providing personalized attention and support every step of the way.

Accidental gunshot injury cases require a thorough investigation to determine liability and establish the responsible party’s negligence. Punitive damages might be involved. I will work diligently to gather evidence, consult with experts if necessary, and build a strong case on your behalf. My goal is to hold the accountable parties responsible for their actions or negligence and secure a fair settlement or verdict for your injuries, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Boise, Idaho Accidental Gunshots Attorney


The first and most crucial step is to prioritize safety and seek immediate medical attention for any injuries. Contact emergency services or go to the nearest medical facility. It is essential to report the incident to the appropriate authorities, such as the police, who can conduct an investigation. Consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney is also recommended to understand your legal rights and options.

Liability in accidental gunshot injury cases depends on the specific circumstances surrounding the incident. Potential parties who may be held accountable include firearm owners, manufacturers, sellers, or individuals who acted negligently or failed to take proper safety measures. Determining liability requires a thorough investigation and assessment of the facts and evidence surrounding the case.

The compensation available in accidental gunshot injury cases may include medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other damages. The specific amount of compensation will depend on the severity of the injury, the impact on your life, and other relevant factors. To evaluate your case, reach out for a free consultation with Jane Gordon Law.

In Idaho, the time limit for filing a claim for an accidental gunshot injury is generally within two years from the date of the incident. However, it’s important to note that there may be exceptions or circumstances that can affect the statute of limitations in accidental gunshot injury cases. For example, different rules may apply if the accidental gunshot injury resulted in a fatality. Consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney can help you meet the necessary deadlines.

A personal injury attorney firm experienced in accidental gunshot injury cases, such as Jane Gordon Law, can provide valuable legal guidance and representation. A personal injury attorney can investigate the incident, gather evidence, consult with experts, handle negotiations with insurance companies, and advocate for your rights. The attorney will also work diligently to build a strong case, establish liability, and seek fair compensation on your behalf, while providing compassionate support throughout the legal process.

Hiring a personal injury attorney for accidental gunshots does not cost anything upfront. Jane Gordon Law uses a contingent fee model, meaning that her fee is a percentage of the settlement when you win. Please reach out for a free consultation to learn more.

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